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"Welcome to PorKen Deli!
We absolutly love Pork and we absolutly love Chicken. 

Unfortunately a good Pork or Chicken dish is hard to come by in Sri Lankan resturants or any form of delivery outlets. Both Pork and Chicken are two diverse ingredients that need to be treated with respect when it's been cooked. It has to be handled with care. 

We've come to realize that these key protiens goes unrepresented as just another item on menu cards. However we want to change that. We've taken steps to do justice to these key ingredients when we serve them on your plate.

All of our dishes are made in-house by our team who has decades of experience cooking for the ones they love. 

Now we are willing to share our love with you.

It is our mandate that the food we serve is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the pallet. We believe in providing flavorsome food, in generous quantities that's prepared using diverse and exotic ingredients. We strive to develop recipes that are not available in most of the eateries however that are considered to be delicacies.

We will never serve anything that we would not eat ourselves. Coming from a pedigree of Burghers, we are confident that the recipes that were passed on from generations will be sure to Palatize your taste buds.

We try our best to ensure that our customers save time and eat tasty. We come really handy on those days that you are completely exhausted to cook; you want to reward yourself with an occasional indulgence ; you are having some friends or family over and you would rather spend time with the people you love than in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up.

While our retail store is still work in progress, we invite you to place your order to be picked up or to be delivered. You can call us, email us, FB us or even place an order through this site.